Stensgar Mountain

Total Miles


1,764.95 ft


6 Hours

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Trail Overview

This is an excursion type ride, involving all road types from paved county roads, to the primitive sections of road leading to Stensgar Mountain. From the three communities, you will be on paved county roads, requiring licensed vehicles. In Stevens County, this requirement is met with having an off-road designated license on your OHV. Drivers must be licensed. The county roads eventually become gravel, and once in the mountains, degrade further into two-track, rocky, and sometimes muddy roads. Snow lingers in the higher elevations, thus the May thru October time frames. The roads are not maintained in the winter, but snow track vehicles will utilized the roads.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

There are four different starting points. You may park and stage out of the small towns of Addy on Hwy 395 or Valley on Hwy 231, or the city of Chewelah, located on Hwy 395. Closer to Stensgar Mountain is the Locke Rd staging area, as shown on the map, on the Addy-Cedonia Rd.

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