Jubilee to Tiger Creek

Total Miles


1850.41 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail covers a large portion of the northern section of Jubilee. This trail is covered in snow during the winter and most of spring as well. This trail was rutted in some areas, and the brush was pretty tight for my full-size truck in places. There are some nice potential campsites tucked away along the way that could fit a few vehicles. Don't forget to stop at the Table Rock Fire Lookout... The 360-degree views available there are breathtaking! 4WD and good ground clearance are recommended. I don't suggest attempting this track in a vehicle without good ground clearance. Some of the ruts are unavoidable, and lower vehicles (e.g. Crosstreks) might get hung up after getting a decent distance in.


Single vehicle wide trail, deep ruts, some mud (dependent on when you attempt the trail)

Technical Rating


Access Description

Signs for FR64 (and no ATVs) mark the northern end of the trail.Southern end is at the intersection of Jubilee and Tiger Creek trails.