Green Mountain Road/NF-011

Total Miles


1,003.68 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Summer

Trail Overview

Green Mountain Road starts as a well-groomed dirt/ gravel track with a spectacular forest surround. This is a popular location for people to come shooting, with many small pullouts along the first half of the trail. Please be responsible and pick up your casings afterward! It climbs in elevation rather quickly with multiple switchbacks and there are several areas to pull over with sweeping panoramic views. You will intermittently get a few bars of cell signal (AT&T) as you climb up the mountain. In winter, you will start to see snow on the ground around 2 miles in and it continues to build with each switchback. This is a full-width track but is relatively narrow and you have various areas of deep ruts on one side and the mountain cliffside to the other. Once you get to full snow, there are multiple sections of large and deep potholes filled with ice and slush. Pull-offs become scarce and the track narrows slightly, making it more challenging as you must stay in the existing driven ruts to avoid sliding and possibly sliding too far and becoming either stuck or going over the side of the mountain. Turning around gets challenging the higher up you go. There is a small area to turn around at mile 6 when the snow begins to get deeper. At this point, this would be considered moderate to advanced, and only vehicles that have a lift and 35-inch tires, are aired down and have lockers should proceed. Appropriate recovery gear and at least one additional vehicle in the party are highly recommended after this point. Cell service (AT&T) is lost at this point but there is service at various points up to 4 miles into the trail. Turning around at mile 6 does still present its challenges as you must back up over a rut that is difficult to turn over and go slightly into an icy ditch. 4 Low will greatly assist in ensuring you do not get stuck. A spotter is recommended to ensure you do not back up too far. If you are turning around at this point, it is a relatively easy ride back, just take it slow due to the steep grades going down in a few sections.

Photos of Green Mountain Road/NF-011

Green Mountain Road/NF-011
Green Mountain Road/NF-011
Green Mountain Road/NF-011


Most of this trail is easy until you come to a snow-filled clearing that requires significant vehicle modifications to proceed.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Matt Curry
Apr 13, 2024
2023 Ford Bronco
This leg was actually open, the obstruction must’ve been confused with the tupso pass leg. This road was open, with some small amount of snow at the top. Lots of gun ranges, and most were occupied
Dorito Loco
Apr 04, 2024
Permanently Closed
Heavily Barricaded with Natural Material
about 2 miles up the North trail theres a landslide that took out a decent section of trail with no way around it

Access Description

This trail is is labeled as Green Mountain Road/NF-011 right off Mountain Loop Highway between Granite Falls and Verlot. The road will "Y" to go left or right and you will stay to the right once you get off the paved road.

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