Potts Mountain Jeep Trail

Total Miles


1164.31 ft


7 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Potts Mountain Jeep Trail is no joke! This was a very challenging trial for my Jeep with a 3.5" lift on 37's I drug and winched several times. Potts Mountain is rocks, rocks, and more rocks. Several obstacles were too big for my taste, and even the bypass areas were challenging. The trail starts off winding up the hill and is really enjoyable and challenging climb, you then drop into what I'm calling the bowl and it's just the beginning of the rocks. You will have to use the rock wall to guide you down into the bowl, then the climb back out is the first spot you will be winching. About halfway there is a very large field that's the perfect place to take in the beautiful views and have lunch. I would not recommend this trail for the inexperienced!! This should not be your first trail to tryout with your new stock jeep, we met that guy along the way and he had a very long tough day. What I will recommend is winches, straps, snatch blocks, tree savers, and a chainsaw. It was almost 7 miles and took almost 7 hours. We did watch a few of other jeeps trying some of these areas. This trail also will touch your jeep, but no heavy pin stripping areas I could imagine it getting very touchy as the brush grows in the spring. I would also recommend downloading some offline google maps so you can find your way back to the highway, have fun on this one.


Rocks, rocks and more rocks.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Please enter from the lower trail head (37.63574, -80.05134) or you will fight traffic all day and end up getting yourself into trouble. Within 100 yards of leaving the hardtop road, you will cross a small creek, if you don't you're in the wrong spot.