Bailey Gap to Butt Mountain

Total Miles


1280.33 ft


3 Hours

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Trail Overview

Bailey Gap and Butt Mountain are two trails that are near the Mountain Lake Lodge, which was made famous by the movie "Dirty Dancing". Both trails are beginner-friendly, with Butt Mountain being the easier of the two. Butt Mountain is mostly gravel and dirt, with very little in the way of mud or obstacles. Bailey Gap varies from gravel to rock, with several areas of water and mud. Most water pits have rocky bottoms and can easily be forded by a stock SUV. Some of them are mud though, and the mud is very soft. Most of the questionable water pits can be bypassed. The trails offer great views of the mountains and valleys, and the typical range of Virginia wildlife can be seen on them.


Bailey Gap has several mud holes, some of which have soft bottoms. When in doubt, use the bypasses. Butt Mountain is simple and is almost totally gravel and dirt.

Technical Rating