Mason Hill

Total Miles


467.21 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Summer, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

The trail starts as a dirt road passing a few farms, then into the woods. Once you're into the wood line, expect a narrower trail you could still fit a full-size truck through, with a lot of loose rock with a few muddy spots as the trail continues North. The trail is relatively easygoing until you reach the section with a few rock ledges. There are bypasses for the most difficult (first) ledges but afterward, only an ATV or smaller could bypass the remaining sections. Easily negotiated, but maybe a consideration for a lower clearance vehicle. Once past the rocky section of small ledges, it returns to an easier path like before with pockets that may get muddy with recent rainfall. The trail returns to dirt road status near the top of the hill, then descends as you pass some local farms and open cuts with decent views of the scenery.

Photos of Mason Hill

Mason Hill
Mason Hill
Mason Hill


The hardest obstacle is a 1-2ft ledge. A bypass is an easy option next to the obstacle. It was easy to navigate in a 2Dr Jeep on 35s with no lockers... for reference.

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Status Reports

Joey Defilippo
Aug 13, 2023

Access Description

Head North on Big Hollow Rd from Starksboro, 2.2 from RT 116

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