Belvedere Mountain Road

Total Miles


453.24 ft


1.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

The route starts on the East side, goes roughly 2.5 mi to a lookout point, and returns. Options to enter/exit the trail area to the west are available as well, but this route seems to be the best experience. There are multiple rock ledges and rocky sections to navigate. There are a couple optional rock obstacles as well that are more difficult, as well as one area that may have deeper water to cross depending on rainfall and the current status of beaver dams. The trail offers many turnaround points and places to pass other vehicles. I've seen stock Jeeps make it through the trail, but of course, a more modified vehicle will make it easier. Great trail to get the fall leaf peeping photos in, as well as a great trail to test your rig out on without a huge commitment. Rating it a 6, but there are opportunities to get into harder obstacles if you choose to.


Most obstacles offer multiple routes/lines. Ledges up to 4ft, a couple lines with multiple ledges needing a more capable rig... as well as easier lines for a more stock friendly option.

Technical Rating


Access Description

The route begins from Smithville Road, North of Belvedere Center, VT.