Yellowman/Gooseberry Mesa

Total Miles


1,567.94 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Yellowman is a unique pictograph that when coupled with the nearby petroglyphs would allow you to come up with some great stories. This track goes through private land and there is a gate that should be closed. This route can be very challenging after rain or snow. The final approximately 0.5 miles are off-camber and washed out, making it tricky to navigate if wet. As this doesn't happen much in the desert, this is a ride to put off for better conditions if you hit it on a bad day-especially since the climb to the attraction is very challenging and would be somewhat dangerous if the trail were wet/muddy. You can't see any of the items from the trail. You must climb/scramble up a very steep dirt/rock trail that is very challenging. The climb is approximately 150 yards. The tree hiding the petroglyphs and Yellowman can be easily seen from the parking area.


This is a single lane farm road. Much of it two-track that is not maintained. While it is short, it can be very challenging in inclement conditions. The clay ground turns into a slick, slimy gel that is an adventure. Add the washouts and other obstacles, and this can be a challenge. In normal conditions, it can be navigated by most 4WD and higher clearance 2WD vehicles.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The pictographs/petroglyphs are actually hidden by some large rocks up the hill to the right as you get to the end of the trail. There is a fence line going up the hill. The trail follows the fence and then takes a slight left near the top. The short, steep climb is very challenging, over rocks covered with marbly sand. This is a unique feature so the climb is rewarded with some fabulous artifacts and views. This climb is short but strenuous so be sure to dress appropriately for the terrain and obstacles.

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