Virgin Overlook

Total Miles


1,533.46 ft


2.5 Hours

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Best Time

Summer, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

Dry Creek Trail starts near the top of Hurricane Mesa near Virgin Utah. The location has a very interesting history as it is where the ejection seat test site of the 1960s is located. That area is still restricted today. Dry Creek trail starts as a milder narrow winding trail through the Cedar trees. There is petrified wood along the trail and the overlooks of Zion are spectacular. After coming to a large open area that is good for a lunch break- the trail becomes increasingly rocky and tight with several steep climbs on loose rock. The trail can accommodate 72" SXSs or Jeeps. Most vehicles will have to do some 3-point turns to make some of the tight turns. It is a challenge for shorter vehicles but quite technical for longer vehicles or 4-seat SXS. This trail starts out fairly easy with a great view of the Virgin as you get deeper the trail narrows. You will find steep inclines and declines with large rocks and gravel and frequent washouts. Keep in mind weather conditions, especially flooding and lightning.

Photos of Virgin Overlook

Virgin Overlook
Virgin Overlook
Virgin Overlook


Large loose rocks gravel in frequent washout

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Stephen Hanchett
Mar 29, 2024
There’s one water crossing where there’s is a petrified tree on the creek bank. There an other petrified tree at the other end of the trail near where you see tires. This is a tight trail for SXS but we had a 80” wide and four seaters with us and they made it through. Lots of steep up and down hills and off cambers that will make you pucker.
Travis Falter
Jun 15, 2023

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