Tusher Wash Right

Total Miles


2311.28 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This 36-mile (RT) track explores the right-hand wash of Tusher Canyon in the Book Cliff Mountains northeast of Green River, UT. You gain 2933 feet in elevation, moving up into the pine and aspen trees above the desert floor. The trail starts in the wash and ends up on a bull-dozed trail climbing towards the Tusher Bench. Our track ends where the motorized access ends. Beyond our track is available for hiking and horseback only. The trail ends at a beautiful camp/picnic site in the pine and aspen trees. If it has rained recently, the trail will be muddy in places. After monsoons or heavy rains, the trail may change due to debris being left by the storm and rocks being moved by the water.


The wash has areas subject to change depending on recent rains. Our 75" SXS had no problem maneuvering the turns. If it has rained, it will be muddy. Areas of erosion and tight turns in places, but a fairly easy trail.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From Green River, you take Hastings Road (Rd 154) north to the Tusher Canyon Trail. Follow that trail to this track.