Leeds-Cottonwood Rock Crawling Playground

Total Miles


1,372.58 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Just a little over a mile south of Leeds Creek-Cottonwood Trail, on Trail #30904, we found an area of slick and smooth rock to crawl around on with our SXSs. The scenery is amazing, but the best part was playing on the rocks. There aren't any difficult obstacles like in Sand Hollow State Park, but if you're not paying attention, you could cause some damage to your machine. The trail starts out in the sand, and then you cross some rocks buried in the sand, and then it turns to big rocks you can drive around on. We took the trail further than the Forest Service trail marked on the map, as it is a two-track trail clear to the end of our track. It doesn't take an hour to reach the rocks; some of our time was playing on the rocks. Another "gem" in the Dixie National Forest of Southern Utah. Starting Feb 2023, Utah began enforcement of its new law, which requires an online education course for all off-roaders. The free course is available online. Google "Utah OHV Education Course," and the free test will pop up. It's an easy test that will only take 15-30 minutes, and it's required for all off-roaders, Jeeps, SXSs, dirt bikes, and ATVs. Kids under the age of 18 will have to take the Youth Education Test at the same site. After completing the test, print out the certificate to carry with you which shows you completed the course. We have taken it, and it's really no big deal. Good reminders about trail etiquette and trail preservation.

Photos of Leeds-Cottonwood Rock Crawling Playground

Leeds-Cottonwood Rock Crawling Playground
Leeds-Cottonwood Rock Crawling Playground
Leeds-Cottonwood Rock Crawling Playground


There is nothing technical about this trail, but driving on the rocks requires drivers to pay attention to prevent damage to their machines. If it's rained, the sandy trail won't be muddy, but the rocks will be slick. We rode it in early February, and it was great.

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Status Reports

Bill Woods
May 20, 2023

Access Description

From Leeds, Utah, take Silver Reef Road to Oak Grove Road and that will connect with Leeds Creek-Cottonwood Trail. It's Forest Road #30031. Follow Leeds Creek-Cottonwood Trail to this trail.

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