Tower Arch 4x4 Trail

Total Miles


1577.51 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This is an exciting way to experience a different side of Arches NP that is off the beaten path. It is recommended to run this trail from north to south and signs say impassable when wet. After exiting the main graded dirt road you are thrown almost immediately into a technical climb. The technical section lasts about 2 miles where you will have many rock obstacles to tackle. After completing the technical section you drop down onto a sandy road that goes one of two ways. If you are going north to south, you can then go straight and continue on to see Tower Arch which is a great place to get out and stretch your legs. If you turn left, you can continue on down the sandy track which extends 10 miles or more southeast back towards the main road through arches.


The trailhead sign says "low range 4wd and high clearance required" so that should give you a rough idea what you are up against. A 2 inch lift on most 4x4's and 33" tires would be ideal. The trail can be completed in a stock 4runner or Wrangler with some careful spotting. However even with a lifted vehicle scraping bumpers is still possible.

Technical Rating


Access Description

If you are driving on the main road through Arches NP, you will follow that road almost all the way to Devils Garden which is the northernmost point of interest within the park. Before you reach devils garden there will be a turnoff onto a graded dirt road to the left. Follow this road for about 7 miles to the trailhead which will be marked by a sign.