Swallow Park/North Swap Road

Total Miles


1,911.38 ft


1 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail connects Buckskin Road to Skutumpah Road. The trail traverses a very deep sandy area with large sagebrush and cedar trees. There are smaller washes. In addition, on this portion of the road you will climb over a smaller pass that has some challenging ledges, deep white sand, and sharp turns with off-camber situations. While this is a relatively short section, it can be somewhat challenging for newer drivers. This is an interesting area if you consider the contrast with the area along Buckskin Wash Road if you came in through that direction. This is a narrow road, so wider vehicles may get some scratches from the bushes and trees that line it. The county trail numbers are a little confusing in this area, as the trail K4360 actually forms a 'T'.

Photos of Swallow Park/North Swap Road

Swallow Park/North Swap Road
Swallow Park/North Swap Road
Swallow Park/North Swap Road


Most of this road is on flatter terrain with occasional washes and other small challenges. Near the northern end of this portion of the road, you will climb over a pass that is narrow and sandy, with occasional rock ledges and off-camber situations. This is a definite full 4WD and high-clearance area. There are also sharper turns near the top that may be challenging for longer vehicles.

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Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

This road is accessible from Skutumpah Road to the north and Buckskin Wash Road to the south. It is generally an interconnect between the two roads.

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