Dee Flat Trail

Total Miles


1,392.24 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Winter, Fall

Trail Overview

Dee Flat Trail is a 1.6-mile-long single track on the north end of the White Wash Recreation Area that starts out of the open riding area. The beginning is a red sandy wash, but the rest of the trail goes through a bit different terrain than the southern trails like Mary's and Red Butte. It doesn't go over the big red sandstone buttes. Instead, it's a dirt trail that goes up and over small dirt hills, then climbs up a ridgeline on top of a mesa full of boulders and loose rocks. The first mile is pretty flat, but then it goes up a steep hillside, and the crux of the trail is a steep and loose hill climb with rock layers across the trail that would probably trip up a lot of riders. You really have to keep momentum and keep your feet on the pegs to hold traction so you don't end up just spinning your tire up this climb. It gets on top of the mesa and rides along the ridgeline. A few spots are pretty shelfy and exposed, as it meanders between big boulders in a really scenic landscape. It's a bit troughed and narrow in spots along the ridgeline. The north end drops back into flat ground, and it ends on the D3002 dirt road.

Photos of Dee Flat Trail

Dee Flat Trail
Dee Flat Trail
Dee Flat Trail


This is an intermediate desert single track that is mostly easy except for one technical loose hill climb that is of a 6 difficulty.

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Access Description

The staging area for the White Wash Recreation Area is off Floy Wash Road (Exit 175 off I-70), 12 miles south of the highway. There are many dispersed camping spots along the way. The area has several dirt bike and UTV trails, and an open riding area through sand dunes.

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