Steel Hollow

Total Miles


2,238.00 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Summer, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

Steel Hollow is a popular trail out of Righthand Fork Canyon. It's a great trail for early intermediate riders to learn some single track. The start of the trail takes you along the creek until it splits. Take the fork to the right and go through the gate. The trail will continue toward Rick's Canyon to another fork. Take the fork to the left to start the climb up Steel Hollow. As the climb starts, there are some rocks and root obstacles, but nothing too difficult. There are a couple of switchbacks on the trail, with the second switchback having a big root on it. In between the two sections of switchbacks, there's a large rock outcropping that the trail goes around. There is a pretty big drop on the side of the trail, but it's pretty wide. Just be mindful going around this section. The trail continues to climb, but levels out and after the switchback with the root. It's easy flowing until the end, but beware of ruts as water runoff flows down parts of the trail. The trail comes out onto Forest Service road 056. Once on the road, turn left to go to Ephraim's Grave and Temple Fork. Turn right to go to Lefthand fork. This is a popular trail for hiking and mountain biking. Be alert to traffic on the trail.

Photos of Steel Hollow

Steel Hollow
Steel Hollow
Steel Hollow


Mostly mild single track with a few obstacles that could require help.

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Status Reports

Lacey Bailey
Sep 14, 2023
Dirt Bike

Access Description

Drive up Logan Canyon and take the Righthand Fork road. At the fork in the road, go left until the end of the road.

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