Sessions Mountain Road

Total Miles


2,531.05 ft


2.25 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is a beautiful drive through the pine and aspen trees, with a few areas that have some dry camping spots. The road is mostly gravel with areas of rough rock. There are a few areas that have some rutted erosion running down, it but is easy to stay on top of it and not get in the ruts. This road has some areas that would be best done in a vehicle that has some clearance to it. The last three-quarters of the road does get rougher and has areas that are steep, with 8- to 10-inch rocks that would make it challenging to drive in a car. There are areas all along the way that have mountain and valley views to the east and lots of wildflower pockets and meadows all along the way.

Photos of Sessions Mountain Road

Sessions Mountain Road
Sessions Mountain Road
Sessions Mountain Road


This is a gravel and rock road that has some areas with larger loose rocks. There are areas that have rutted roads and erosion running down the road. There are a few areas that can have some mud and shallow water.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Dave Hellman
Jun 09, 2024
Temporarily Closed
Seasonal Closure
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Weather Event

Access Description

The trailhead is located towards the top of Ward Canyon Road on the east side. It is Forest Service Road 80815.

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