Sand Mountain via Warner Valley

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Upgrades to Route 7, that cuts between the state park and Sand Mountain, as well as recently installed gates and fences have changed the accesses to Sand Mountain. In Utah, OHVs are limited to roads posted at 45 mph or less. The new Route 7 will be a divided road with 65 mph speeds. This is not safe for OHV use. For visitors to the area, the routes to Sand Mountain will make your trip up to the playland safer and easier, as well as provide parking for trailers. The park does have great facilities, parking and is monitored by rangers. The problem has been that the park often fills by early morning especially on weekends. There are four primary access points outside of the park. These are: (1) Washington Dam Road staging area; (2) Warner Valley; (3) Sand Hollow Road; (4) Hurricane Airport near south end on 1100W. Each of these areas has parking trailers if needed. The Washington Dam staging area is popular with campers. There are also camping spots along Warner Valley Road very near the mountain with good views. You will have traffic going by as people transit to and from the play area. The Warner Valley access road is not currently on any maps but it does exist. The two trails included in this submission show relatively easy trails to get up to Sand Mountain from Washington and St. George. The other two are very straight forward, as one is the road that is the entrance to the park and the other is at the south end of the runway of Hurricane airport.


There are numerous paths up to Sand Mountain from the Washington Dam staging area. The one shown here is probably one of the easier accesses. There are others can be much more challenging. The Warner Valley access is a gravel road that any vehicle can traverse until you get up near the top and the sand.

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