Ridgeline Trail

Total Miles


901.98 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This short 1-mile trail gives access to the main section of Sand Hollow from the Warner Valley Wash and Campground area. It also passes the trail Razorback (rated 8) which would be an optional trail. Sand Hollow rates this as a 4, but there are 3 obstacles that change that, as they are steep, tall, and off-camber. A shorter wheelbase would be preferred, as there are tight corners on this trail. If there is any weather around the time you plan on traveling this trail, I would proceed with caution, as the clay soil gets very slippery and muddy when weather is present.

Photos of Ridgeline Trail

Ridgeline Trail
Ridgeline Trail
Ridgeline Trail


Sand Hollow rates Ridgeline as a 4, however, there are 3 steep ledges and climbs that require aggressive approach and departure angles.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Jeff Neubauer
Apr 19, 2024
2020 Jeep Wrangler
Only 1 real obstacle that was a 7, rock ledge with a sweeping right turn. Had an inexperienced group with me, decided not to take em up. The 4 rating at the entry is misleading

Access Description

The Trailhead is easy to spot, there is a map of Sand Hollow right at the base of the Trail at the trailhead.

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