Poverty Gulch Jump Start

Total Miles


1,867.47 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Poverty Gulch is a fun ride with a variety of obstacles. For this reason, the trail has been separated into shorter segments to highlight the different areas. This trail is adjacent to the beautiful Zion National Park's eastern and southern boundaries. The upper portion is a relatively flat Forest Service Road that starts the descent into the drainage for the East fork of the Virgin River. The road wanders through beautiful Cypress pines and colored hillsides. At the end of this section is a short side trail that takes you to an overlook that provides some great picture-taking opportunities and shows where you're headed.

Photos of Poverty Gulch Jump Start

Poverty Gulch Jump Start
Poverty Gulch Jump Start
Poverty Gulch Jump Start


This section of the trail is approximately 1 1/2 lanes wide with most of it easily navigable by most higher clearance vehicles. There are some narrow areas with over hanging trees so wider vehicles may get some scratches and there are rocks to be avoided that can cause damage to vehicles.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Doug Turnquist
Dec 26, 2023
2022 Jeep Wrangler
The first section of this trail I would rate a 2. No 4x4 required. The second portion of this trail is much more difficult (see that trail report)
Warren Chick
Mar 18, 2023

Access Description

This trail is accessed by taking a side road off Route 9 approximately 9.5 miles west of Mount Carmel Junction on Highway 89. Take time at Mount Carmel to visit the gas station/general store for some local memorabilia. It is also a great stop to take care of nature as this is the last restroom you will see for a while. When you turn south on the side road make sure to stay to the left at the fork in the road and the trailhead will be on your right. There is plenty of room to park with trailers for a group.

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