Poison Spring Canyon

Drop down and climb high on this rough, rarely used trail. Be prepared, bring gas, and don't travel alone.

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Trail Overview

Poison Springs Canyon is a rough, rarely used road so come prepared, carry extra gas, don't travel alone, and check water flow rates for Dirty Devil River before traveling. The road descends to Dirty Devil River through windy, high canyon walls. Once on the valley floor you'll follow the wash bottoms before climbing toward Sunset Pass. Enjoy beautiful views of Gunsight Butte on the climb. No unlicensed vehicles in Glen Canyon NRA.


Moderate. Road prone to washouts after heavy rain storms and may be impassable at times. We found deep, soft mud on west side of river crossing. Flash floods are always possible.

Access Description

Follow directions for Trail #70, but don't turn at Hans Flat Road. Continue on Hwy. 24 to Hanksville. Bear left at Hwy. 95 and go another 17 miles to trail on left. Don't forget to fill up in Hanksville.

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