Pine Park Road-White Rock Road-FR30004

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Pine Park Road-White Rock Road-FR30004 is a 9.6-mile maintained crushed gravel road rated 1 of 10. The entire trail is located in the Dixie National Forest, Pine Valley Ranger District. The trail leads through relatively flat scrub brush and pinyon pines. Pine Park dispersed campground is located at the end of this trail. Picnic tables and ponderosa pines make the stop at Pine Park a good place to have a picnic and take in something different than the junipers, sage, and ponderosa pines. The trail does not have any obstacles or trail conditions that will require 4x4. In dry conditions, the entire route can be completed with 2WD high clearance. To reach some of the more primitive sites at the end of the trail, you may need to use 4WD. The White Rocks are located approximately a half mile from the end of the trail. The geological area exposes volcanic deposits that reveal evidence of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in Utah's geologic history. Ancient supervolcanoes were active between 12 and 36 million years ago. The main attraction in Pine Park is the bright white volcanic ash-flow tuff exposures that form hoodoos and mushroom-shaped domes. This part of Washington County is rugged and remote. Visitors should plan carefully and be prepared for backcountry travel conditions. This trail is not recommended during winter as snow accumulates above 5,000 feet. Don't expect cell phone reception in this area; the nearest services are in Enterprise or Veyo.


This is a county dirt road with infrequent or light maintenance after rain or snow. High-clearance light-duty 4WD may be required.

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