Miner's Cabin (Gold Gulch Canyon FS# 41078)

Total Miles


2,616.11 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

When you arrive at the miner's cabin at the end of this narrow, steep trail, you are reminded of a bygone era where sheer toughness, perseverance, and determination were required just to survive. This trail moves along a very narrow path, wide enough for a 72" SXS, but just wide enough, along the edge of the mountain. There are bushes and trees right next to the trail in places, so pin striping is likely. This trail truly is a "Fart Around and Find Out" trail...one bad move, and you could roll to the bottom of Cottonwood Canyon. There is no room to turn around or pass another vehicle except at the corners on the switchbacks. But it's a cool trail because of its historical significance. At the trail's end, there is room to turn around. There is an old mine there, as well as the remnants of a two-room cabin dating back probably to the 1800s or early 1900s. The determination and perseverance someone had to haul this wood from the valley below up to 8121 feet and build here is impressive. Not to mention the toughness to mine in this area. The views they woke up to every morning probably never got old. Don't forget, to off-road in UT you need to have the online education course certificate as well as the OHV sticker.

Photos of Miner's Cabin (Gold Gulch Canyon FS# 41078)

Miner's Cabin (Gold Gulch Canyon FS# 41078)
Miner's Cabin (Gold Gulch Canyon FS# 41078)
Miner's Cabin (Gold Gulch Canyon FS# 41078)


This trail is steep, along the side of a steep slope, with no room for error. It has switchback corners and a turn-around spot at the end. It's not hard, but you have to pay attention.

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Access Description

From Marysvale, take the Old Hwy 89 road, which is paved, west from Hwy 89 just south of Lizzie & Charlie's RV Park. It runs south to South Thompsonville Road. Go left on South Thompsonville and follow it to Marysvale to Piute Reservoir Dam Trail. Take the Marysvale to Piute Reservoir Dam Trail, and then turn west on Gold Gulch to Little Pork Lake. Follow Gold Gulch to this trail.

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