Lower Sand Dune Way to Top of the World

Total Miles


1,275.73 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This two-mile track takes you from where Lower Sand Dune Way and Landslide connect to the Top of the World in Sand Hollow State Park. You go by the Flinstone House, by Competition Hill, and the Competition Hill Overlook, crossing the red sand dunes just SE of Top of the World. The trail across the dunes is subject to change, depending on recent traffic or wind conditions. But you can see the "structure" at Top of the World, and as long as you aim toward it, you can't miss it. The "structure" is a tall pole with directional signs to other locations around the world and the corresponding mileage. Be sure to watch for other SXSs, ATVs, and dirt bikes playing in this same area. Because of Competition Hill and Top of the World, this area of Sand Hollow is heavily used during fall, winter, and spring months especially. Dunes are tricky because the wind changes their shape, and they're impossible to see over. In a perfect world, you'd have a spotter or two letting you know the path is clear. Communication between rigs is very helpful, either walkie-talkies or Rugged Radios. A tall flag is a must and required in Utah, and recovery equipment like a tow rope, a snatch block, and a winch may be helpful. Local professionals recommend driving in the sand in two-wheel drive. If you happen to get stuck, most times you'll be able to drive out if you only get stuck in 2WD. If you can't get unstuck, Matt's Offroad Recovery is famous in the Hurricane, UT, area for rescuing off-roaders. And if Matt has to show up and rescue you, you get a t-shirt along with your bill. The views from Top of the World are magnificent, as you're able to see all of Hurricane, the reservoir in the State Park, and as far away as St. George. The time is just right to catch the sunset from Top of the World...you won't be disappointed. Be sure to bring your camera. Between the red sands, the cool rock formations, the distant purple mountains, the majestic Zion National Park, and the many mesas in this area, there is no shortage of opportunities to get some fantastic photos. During the winter months, we have seen cows in this park, and we've seen their tracks and cow manure on some of the trails we ride, so be sure to watch for cows. As always, during the spring, summer and fall, watch for rattlesnakes in the desert. From Top of the World, you have access to trails and obstacles like Double Sammy, the Chute, Plan B, Toll Booths, the Maze, Slip Rock, TNT Extended, The Ledges, Joint Effort, War Machine, Smurfette, Broken Chain, and War Machine. If you're new to riding over obstacles, it's a good idea to have a spotter who can help you line your tires up in the right place on each rock so as to prevent vehicle damage. Unhooking sway bars and lower tire pressure are a couple of other suggestions from the professionals around Sand Hollow. We unhook our sway bars on the rock obstacles, but not for general riding. From Top of the World, you can work your way down out of Sand Hollow to the south, and from there you can ride East Mesa Overlook, you can see the Dinosaur Tracks, or visit Ft. Pierce. Or you can take the myriad of trails between Sand Hollow and Arizona. There is cell service from most areas within Sand Hollow State Park, but if you get south of there, out in the desert towards Arizona, the service gets a little spotty. Starting Feb 2023, Utah is going to begin enforcement of their new law, which requires an online course for all off-roaders. The course will be available online as of Jan 1, 2023. The state says the online course will take 15-30 minutes, and it's required for all off-roaders, Jeeps, SXSs, dirt bikes, and ATVs. You will have to print out something to carry with you which shows you took the course. I have a photo below with this information.

Photos of Lower Sand Dune Way to Top of the World

Lower Sand Dune Way to Top of the World
Lower Sand Dune Way to Top of the World
Lower Sand Dune Way to Top of the World


The challenge on this trail is the sand. Dunes take some getting used to, but if you follow the clues in the "description," you won't have any trouble. The other difficulty in this area is the heavy traffic at peak times.

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Bert Huff
May 23, 2023

Access Description

Water Tank Road will go from a staging area at the bottom right to the Top of the World. From there you can catch this trail. To pick up this trail on the SE end, use Razzle Dazzle or Landslide.

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