Washington Lake Trail

Total Miles


3,026.75 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail provides a scenic alternative to 150 when driving up through the Uintas. Running along the foothills of Pitt and Paige Hill as well as Haystack Mountain, this well-maintained mild dirt road is easily traversable in the summer by most vehicles. The trail is dotted with more challenging turn-offs as well as numerous camping spots, making this a great area to explore dispersed camping options. Other views feature small lakes with beaver dams or similar.Most crossover vehicles with AWD should have no trouble with the entire length of this trail, and even sedans should be fine on either end relatively close to the highway. Do watch for the weather though, as there are some low spots that can have water running across the trail after a major rainfall. The trail is also closed during the winter and is not plowed to open it up in the spring.

Photos of Washington Lake Trail

Washington Lake Trail
Washington Lake Trail
Washington Lake Trail


Barring weather, this trail is very easy. Portions of the road are definitely graded on a regular basis.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Nathan Jensen
Jun 10, 2023
2019 Ford Ranger

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