Miner Canyon/Kimbell Mine

Total Miles


2218.07 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail has mystery and beautiful views. The trail goes up what is known locally as Miner's Canyon and climbs to just over 7000 feet to an old miner's shack. The trail is very rocky, which can make for a very bumpy ride. 12" of ground clearance is required. Longer wheelbase rigs might have to make a couple of three-point turns at the trail switchbacks. Near the top, excellent views of the Great Salt Lake and Tooele Valley present themselves. At the end of the road, an old mine can be explored. An old path onto the ridgeline of the Stansbury Mountains also brings spectacular views of Tooele & Skull Valleys.


at the beginning of the trail, there is a bit of a climb that has some bigger rocks and dips that will require 4 low and throughout the trail, some of the rocks in the trail make for a very bumpy ride but driveable in a stock jeep. Sxs or 4 wheeler, its just a bumpy trail but easy, motorcycle, more watching out for the big rocks.

Technical Rating