Mel's Loop

Total Miles


1,484.22 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This 27-mile loop is a destination ride near the Westwater trail system in Utah. The entire loop is a fun and scenic ride that takes you through so many various desert landscapes with moderate obstacles, tons of sand, and fantastic views the entire way. The trail has a little bit of everything you can imagine in the desert. It's a mix of red dirt with loose rocks, slick rock slab sections, twisty turns through desert sagebrush and pinon pine, sandy ridge lines, sand hills, rock ledges, and red sandy washes. It's mostly fast and flowy with moderate obstacles scattered throughout for a bit of a challenge. The entire loop is well-marked with trail signs that make it easy to follow, especially because it converges with the Kokopelli and other dirt roads several times. The trail has been re-routed and a section closed due to private land, so make sure to follow the trail signs for Mel's Loop. This trail gets a fair amount of use, so visit in the off-season for cooler temperatures and less traffic. There are tons of whoops, but they are worth it in order to complete the trail in its entirety and to get to see all the different terrain the trail takes you through.

Photos of Mel's Loop

Mel's Loop
Mel's Loop
Mel's Loop


The moderate difficulty of the loop is pretty consistent with several moderate rock ledges throughout the trail, and tons of sand, but mostly is a fun and scenic trail.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Scottie Griffith
May 20, 2024
Dirt Bike
Overall trail condition was excellent. You will find lots of whoops and unstable sand where it will fight you at lower speeds.

Access Description

There is a staging area for Mel's Loop and the North Connector at the Sulpher exit (Exit 221) from I70 on the south side of the highway.

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