Behind the Rocks

Total Miles


1,759.44 ft


7 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is one of the most popular trails in Moab. If you want to avoid the two most extreme obstacles on this trail, you can. To bypass High Dive, it's a simple short detour. If you bypass White Knuckes, you'll actually be taking an early exit. If you feel brave, and have enough people and vehicles to help you down, you won't have to exit the trail. There are often rocks piled up at the base of the obstacle to help make it a bit easier as well. You'll be tested if you choose an ATV or UTV for this trail, and helmets are highly recommended.

Photos of Behind the Rocks

Behind the Rocks
Behind the Rocks
Behind the Rocks


Very difficult. Many large ledges, both ascending and descending, that do not have bypasses. You'll want front and rear lockers, body armor, 35-inch tires and some gutsy driving skills.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Jenna Cooper
Mar 27, 2024
2023 Ford Bronco Sport
Ran this trail with Tread Lightly after a sponsored event. No issues making it to Picture Frame Arch. Some spotting required in rockier areas just before arriving at the arch for lower clearance vehicles.
Mike Mccandless
Apr 09, 2023
Ron Fulwider
Apr 04, 2023

Access Description

From McDonald's on the south side of Moab, take Highway 191 south 10.9 miles to unmarked dirt road on right. This point is about a half mile south of mile marker 115. We drove in 0.2 mile before zeroing our odometer at the Behind the Rocks sign.

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