Flat Iron Mesa

Total Miles


1811.11 ft


7 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Flat Iron Mesa features some unique obstacles you're sure to love. This is an Easter Jeep Safari trail, but otherwise very seldom used. Enjoy the 800-foot deep Hatch Canyon and views from the top of Rubble Hill. There are metal signs marking the trail, but it can be hard to navigate. Look for very cool side roads and bypasses.


Difficult. Obstacles are difficult but not extreme and many have bypasses. You'll need high clearance, at least one locker and skid plates. We're not recommending stock SUVs for this trail, but a skilled driver might make it.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From McDonald's on the south side of Moab, drive south 17.5 miles on Highway 191. The trail starts along a narrow, rocky strip of parking along the right side of road 0.5 mile after mile marker 108. The start is not obvious and is easy to miss.