Dinosaur Tracks to East Rim

Total Miles


1,102.23 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This 5.6-mile trail takes you from the Dinosaur Tracks south of Sand Hollow to the top of the East Rim. You go from 3100 feet to over 3600. The trail twists and turns over the hills below the rim, and then you arrive on top. The scenery is spectacular, the views are amazing, and the trails are fun. When riding in the desert here, it's a good idea to carry recovery equipment, such as a snatch block, a saw, and a tow rope. During the spring, summer and fall, watch for rattlesnakes. And we don't ever ride without at least one firearm. Temperatures in the summertime get hot, but the winters have a lot of great riding days as they don't get much snow in Hurricane. Starting Feb 2023, Utah is going to require an online course, which they say will take 15-30 minutes, for all off-roaders. You will have to print out something to carry with you.

Photos of Dinosaur Tracks to East Rim

Dinosaur Tracks to East Rim
Dinosaur Tracks to East Rim
Dinosaur Tracks to East Rim


Areas of wash and erosion are common after heavy or monsoon rains. Some areas are off-camber, but nothing too difficult in this trail.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Roger Davis
Oct 17, 2023
Dave Friesen
Jun 08, 2023

Access Description

From the Warner Valley Dinosaur Tracks Trail, you can connect with this trail. From up on the east rim, you connect with this trail from Sand Hollow Lunch Bowl - Cliffs of Insanity - Warner Valley Loop.

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