Deep Creek Lake Road

Total Miles


3234.1 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Deep Creek Lake Road traverse's the East side of the Thousand Lake Mountain range from the North end and wraps around the South end of the mountain. Depending on how wet of a year it is, there are lakes and ponds throughout the region. This is a favored fishing spot by all. Several roads, ATV trails, and foot trails exist throughout the area providing many hiking and fishing opportunities. The road ends at the far Southern end and the last half mile will be difficult to traverse in larger vehicles. Many species of wildlife can be spotted in the area including elk, mule deer, and smaller species. Sagebrush, grassy meadows, pines, and aspen groves cover the entirety of the area.


Other than the final half mile the road is in great shape. Inclement weather can cause the road to be slick.

Technical Rating