Bull Creek Pass Road

Total Miles


3204.95 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Bull Creek Pass Road is situated on the Northern end of the Henry Mountains where it passes from the West side and traverses to the East side where it turns South and ends in the Central portion of the mountain range. Most of the road is wide enough for a single vehicle with several areas vehicles can crowd both sides to pass. The Henry mountain range has very steep grades. This road is cut into the side of these grades and can be a bit unsettling in the mud and snow. One wrong move and a vehicle could quickly roll to the bottom. The area is covered in Sagebrush, Cedar, Pine, and Quaking Aspen trees. It is a limited draw Mule Deer hunting area. There are several large bucks in the area and is a great place for wildlife viewing. There is also a heard of free-range Bison in the area.


The road is cut into some steep side hills.In the Spring, Fall and early Winter, mud and snow can make these roads much more dnagerous.

Technical Rating


Access Description

There are several entry points to the area. Highway 24 which passes through nearby Capitol Reef National Park. Highway 95 which extends from the small town of Hanksville to Bullfrog Marina on Lake Powell.