Blue Hills Road

Total Miles


1,426.15 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Winter, Fall

Trail Overview

Blue Hills Road is a 14-mile graded gravel dirt road that connects Highway 191 to Floy Wash Road. It's an easy connecter if you want to go from Moab to Whitewash without going around on I-70. The east end starts at 191 just south of the Moab airport and 17 miles north of the town of Moab. It crosses a train track and a cattle grate and continues east through rolling hills, grassy valleys, and along a powerline. The road is mostly flat, with a few steeper hill climbs once you get up next to the powerlines. It's smooth and graded and mostly straight, with only a couple of curvier sections. There are also a couple of spots that dip, but they are mostly signed before you get to them. It's passable for almost any vehicle--2WD, big RVs, and motorhomes. You'll likely see cattle and can see the red sandstone hills of Moab and the Abajo Mountains. There is lots of easy camping in the grassy valleys on the east side right after you start the route. These are good spots if you are looking to be away from the camping crowds that camp closer to the town of Moab. The whole route takes about 45 minutes in an F350/truck camper.

Photos of Blue Hills Road

Blue Hills Road
Blue Hills Road
Blue Hills Road


This is an easy graded road. It has a couple of steeper and sharper turns to get through the ravines and valleys, but overall is really easy and passable for any vehicle.

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Nick Zewiski
May 14, 2024

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