Arch Canyon

Total Miles


1714.73 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This 17.3 mile out and back box canyon trail features amazing Utah bluffs and rock formations and numerous water crossings. You will turn left before crossing the water that leads to Hotel Rock. There is a sign that shows Arch Canyon entrance. Depending on how much rainfall the area has received, you could encounter just a few very shallow water crossings or multiple water crossings, up to 3 feet deep. Be sure to look into conditions before leaving. There are a couple cliff dwellings you can see in the distance in the cliffs along the way. The trail ends at a wooded campground with an amazing view.If you wish to camp in the area, there is a big open camping area just on the other side of the highway 95.


Water crossings will be the biggest hurdle depending on how much rainfall the area has had

Technical Rating