Total Miles


189.85 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This trail is situated in the Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area, just outside of Gilmer, Texas. The upper half of the Greenlane trail offers some challenging terrain that is rated as difficult (3-Hard-Experience required). The trail is passable by experienced drivers in higher clearance 4WD vehicles. There is a larger ledge obstacle that is just as off-camber as it is steep. This off-camber ledge drop is the most challenging part of the trail. You will travel a short distance on another trail (Linda Gail) until you reach the fork in the road to enter the lower half of Greenlane. The lower half of Greenlane is highlighted by a steep climb out at the end (or similarly steep drop-in) that is very rutted and undercut. The lower half of Green Lane is short and sweet. There are bypasses for all obstacles (upper and lower) except for the final climb to the main road.


Steep challenging climbs, off-camber rock ledge drops, rutted and undercut rock ledge climbs

Technical Rating