Trail 30 Windrock

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488.98 ft


1.5 Hours

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Trail 30 was the last trail of the day and it was definitely challenging. Trail 30 is very rocky, off-camber, and tight in some spots. Also, the rain made it very challenging but fun. We ran the trail with 37" tires and would recommend this being the minimum tire size for this trail. 30 definitely is a great medium to hard trail to get started.

Photos of Trail 30 Windrock

Trail 30 Windrock
Trail 30 Windrock
Trail 30 Windrock


Trail 30 is definitely a solid 6 with off-camber and big rock. Please don't wheel alone.

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Status Reports

Dave Harness
May 04, 2024
1997 Isuzu Trooper
We actually dropped in from Trail 31 onto 30 to avoid 14 Jeeps that had just started the trail. We didn't want to wait on them (we only had 4 vehicles and moved a lot faster). It was muddy, some uncontrolled descents from 31 that were a bit scary. But 30 was fun, and tight in some areas. But we all made it through with no issue. I have 32" tires and I did hit the frame rail once on this trail. I was concerned when I read the first review about 37" tires, which would have been a cake walk. However, 33" to 35" tires are about right to challenge you on Trail 30.

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