Old Mill Creek Road

Total Miles


200.27 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Winter, Spring

Trail Overview

Old Mill Creek Road is great for someone just getting into off-roading. Most, if not all, of this route is safe and easy enough for high clearance 2WD, however, there are one to two muddy/rocky areas that could benefit from 4WD depending on the amount of rain the area has received and how muddy it is. This is a very relaxing and scenic route that takes you through a heavily-wooded area and crosses over Mill Creek several times over 5 miles. If you happen to make this trek during the hot summer months and approach from the east, a small swimming hole will reward you at the end of the drive! Late Fall, Winter, and early Spring will produce a more wet/muddy terrain, and also provide a better view of Mill Creek and the surroundings.


There is one area that consists of larger rocks, requiring a higher clearance. There are also several creek crossings along the way. Depending on the season and amount of rain, you will find several mud holes and slick areas.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Doable from either direction, but the best approach is from the east. The eastern approach results in a downhill decent for the rocky area, much easier for the beginner in my opinion.