Total Miles


562.87 ft


0.35 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Trail G59 is like many other "green" gravel trails at Windrock park, in the fact they can seem like a good trail to rip up at faster speeds just to see where it goes, but like all trails can be degraded past the normal standards. This trail is easy all around, but even the easiest trails can wash out or erode with mother nature beating down on it. G59 is a dead-end trail that is hard-packed, but does have one heavy washout at a culvert in a turn. It offers just enough space to crawl around the washout, but will inevitably get worse over time. Other than the washout, this trail is simple at its best and a great starter trail for young ones to start and get their confidence.


All easy riding on a less traveled trail with overgrown shrubbery and mild washouts.

Technical Rating


Access Description

G59 begins at the "T" on G54 and G59. It dead ends with both the main trail and the spur trail.