Fox Hollow Bottoms FSR 219

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163.16 ft


0.5 Hours

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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The Fox Hollow Bottoms FSR 219 is a gravel forestry road through the southern Tennessee section, Lake Barkley side, of Land Between the Lake National Recreation Area. To differ from the other half of Fox Hollow, the Bottoms traverses alongside the feeder creeks that lead to the Fox Hollow bay area of Lake Barkley, which leads the Bottoms to be more of a challenge in comparison to the Hilltop Road. This will give you generally wetter terrain and more obstacles, this being a feeder creek crossing, which had a mild trickle on a dry day, but showed the potential of deeper collections when rain collects coming down the hillside. There are a few sections that fade to dirt and/or mud when it is wet, and also sections of courser natural gravel when coming down from (or climbing back up to) the Woodland Trace. All in all a fun little road to drive to get to the bay, or to use the dispersed campable area, located where the FSR 219 and FSR 218 meet, at 36.59558, -87.91572.

Photos of Fox Hollow Bottoms FSR 219

Fox Hollow Bottoms FSR 219
Fox Hollow Bottoms FSR 219
Fox Hollow Bottoms FSR 219


The biggest hurdles of the FSR 219 are the creek crossing midway and in the later stage shortly before it meets the FSR 218. The second creek especially shows signs of being as high as 18" deep at its highest, this being in an active heavy rain, but on average sits between 6"-12", the crossing also features heavy course rock at the bottom but seemed mostly solid when crossed. There are also slick muddy sections throughout the lowest laying parts of this trail that could pose threats to those with smaller lifts and nonaggressive tires. Lastly, there is a mild-grade hill near the Woodland Trace end of the trail, which features course natural gravel and some mild erosion and rutting, which if left unmaintained could elevate difficulty. The road is given a 3/10, but could be as easy as a 2/10 depending on how dry it is.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

On the Woodland Trace National Scenic Byway (being the main thoroughfare north to south in LBL) go to 36.59325, -87.93845 turn east, the Fox Hollow Bottoms is the road on the right. This is located 7.6 miles south of the KY/TN state lines, or 5.4 miles north of the South Welcome Center.

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