Windmill Draw to Hell Canyon to Alkali Ridge

Total Miles


1916.46 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Travel from Windmill Draw - (FSR 681) to Hell Canyon - (FSR 284.2L) to Alkali Ridge (FSR 284.2C). This 7.7-mile route, from Custer Limestone Road in the north to US Highway 16 in the south, covers a wide variety of terrain and is one of the highlights of what the Black Hills offers to offroad enthusiasts. It's a very scenic route to take to/from US 16 when riding the southern portion of the FSRs. During the spring, grasses and wildflowers are abundant for much of the trail. The route does have 3 cattle gates and during the summer, you will come across cattle grazing; some are not too fast at moving out of your way. During the spring and summer months and after recent rain, there can be a lot of mud puddles and some deep ruts. Much of the route is rock and gravel but there are areas that are dirt covered with grass growing in the center of the road.


There are several parts that are rock with washouts up to 12" deep and other parts have some deeper ruts 12-15" deep.

Technical Rating


Access Description

FSR route numbers are on both north and south entrances with gates during open times of the year. US 16 has signs at the turnout.