Got Milk?

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1,542.28 ft


1.5 Hours

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Body damage is possible on this trail, and 35+-inch tires or a traction device (locking differential, limited slip), rock sliders, and a winch are recommended. Got Milk (also known as Upper Captain Crunch) is a through trail that is located in the "Cereal Bowl" along Bogus Jim Road in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The route is ranked at a 6/10, with moderate-sized boulders. There are no legal bailouts or bypasses on this route, so please stay on the trail. Go over, not around, obstacles. South Dakota pinstriping is probable as you make your way through this fun and challenging rock-crawling route. With rocks that seem to reach up to grab your diffs, take your time to pick your lines as you make your way to the end. Take a moment to stop and get a photo of the trail's iconic obstacle! Always remember to follow the Tread Lightly guidelines, and to pack out what you pack in. Should the unexpected happen, the local clubs Black Hills Jeeps, Black Hills 4Wheelers, Rushmore Rock Crawlers, and the Dakota Territory Cruisers are located in the area and are familiar with the trail.

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Got Milk?
Got Milk?
Got Milk?


The final obstacle can be intimidating to those who are new to rock crawling.


The "Cereal Bowl" has been a part of the trail system for several decades, with the local Club Black Hills 4Wheelers originally breaking trail. In 2010, the trail system experienced a massive land closure. With clubs like Black Hills 4Wheelers, Black Hills Jeeps, and the Dakota Territory Cruisers working together, they were able to preserve the rock crawling routes you run on today in the Black Hills.

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Status Reports

Ty Brown
Apr 14, 2024
Trail Conditions were dry, and trail was unobstructed. Packed out several items of trash. Trail was clean and clear as of 4-14-24

Access Description

Got Milk is located in the "Cereal Bowl" along Bogus Jim Road. The pull off at the beginning of Road Open To All is a great place to unload your rig from the trailer or to air down.

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