Warner Lookout Adventurers Detour

Total Miles


1,626.02 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This road is an adventurous detour to Warner Fire Lookout and Logger Butte, it adds a little bit more excitement than the main access to those locations. The road is a one-lane road with no turn-offs. On this trail you will find, fallen trees and rocks that make maneuvering this road difficult, you will feel a eerie feeling, it feels like you are the only one that's been on it in a while. That could be due to the fact that half of this road goes through private property and can be closed at any time, there are no gates however, signs will be put up when access is closed, be aware of that before entering. You will find a small crystal-clear waterfall on this trail right next to a large downed tree. At the top right at the end of this route is a small road that leads to an opening, my thoughts are this used to be a fire lookout, but there is no indication of builds ever being there, it could work as a camp spot, but the ground is rocky and very unlevel. There are no camp spots, There is little to no cellphone service in this area. If you need reception, the Dairy Queen near Chevron offers wifi, a stop for breakfast, or a full menu all day.


Minimum difficulty on this road. The road is typically unmaintained during winter and can be subject to closures. Downed trees after a large storm possible, as well as rocks or debris in the road.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Chad Berkley
Oct 09, 2023

Access Description

From Oakridge, Turn left onto OR-58 E. Follow NF-21 and US Forest Service Rd 21 to NF-23/Swift Creek Road. Turn right onto Hills Creek Road/Kitson Springs Road. Turn right onto US Forest Service Road 21Turn left onto NF-21. Continue onto US Forest Service Road 21. Turn left onto Rigdon Road/US Forest Service Rd 21. Continue onto NF-23/Swift Creek Road. Turn left onto Dodgin N Loggin Road.

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