Pickers Paradise

Total Miles


1569.44 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Long washboard roads interrupted by mild rock climbs, small crevasse splits from water run-off, logs, and lots of dust. Can be done stock but 4x4 is highly recommended. Please bring a winch if traveling during the winter months. Beautiful views lots of camping spots and hidden lakes just off-trail. Lava rocks, burn sites, mountains, and juniper trees make for excellent views. Lots of campsites.


Washboard roads are easily tackled but deep cuts from run off require some patience and skill. Small rock climbs along trail make this a fun beginner road or stock rig test. Some obstacles can be avoided but most can not. Silty desert roads become un passable in winter stated by road signs and warnings. Easy trail in summer much more intermediate in fall and spring.

Technical Rating