Little Badger Creek South Road

Total Miles


763.6 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

An adventurous dirt road that is not recommended for passenger cars. It would be fun for a Subaru or all-wheel drive vehicle with good tire placement. If conditions are wet, it would require true low-range four-wheel drive. There are several campsites off the main trail Marywood Drive. The trail is silty in areas, and there are plenty of low-hanging branches, making it difficult for taller vehicles. Watch for large downed trees. Most encountered had bypasses but chainsawing may be in order. The trail gets very off-camber and rutted near the Eastern end. Paint damage may be possible. There may be no winter maintenance.


Off camber sections, Narrow with chances for downed trees may get muddy and really snowy in the winter.

Technical Rating