Otro Playa Vista

Total Miles


1,300.38 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This rocky trail is a good one to link up with Playa Vista for a slightly different angle of the playa (dry lakebed) below. There are a few dispersed camping options but be sure to note the private property and 5th wheel on it and try to avoid camping too close to them. Be cautious of the trails that head south from this area, they have some very deep silt beds, and a stock 4x4 could easily get swallowed up by them. The route is mostly easy, with a few rocky sections and slight hill climbs. Verizon cell service fades in from 2 bars to none depending on what location of the hill you are on.

Photos of Otro Playa Vista

Otro Playa Vista
Otro Playa Vista
Otro Playa Vista


Mostly an easy rocky trail. There are a few places to pass oncoming and an easy hill climb. Careful tire placement should avoid any sidewall damage. Be aware that the trails to the south of here have HUGE silt beds. Extreme caution should be used in trying to attempt to head south on dirt from this area.

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Steve Mcgavren
Jun 15, 0005

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