Lower Cold Spring

Total Miles


2349.19 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

This is the less-traveled section of the Cold Springs Trail. It has some sweet old cabins and quite a few hiking trails that lead from it. Be aware it's an out-and-back. The trail rating of 4 begins after the second cabin, where the route gets narrow enough to cause paint damage with rocky, loose hill climbs and descents, off-camber sections, and Boulder fields. This is an out-and-back, as the trail ends at a locked gate. There are few spots to disperse camp and be aware of sidewall damage. The positives of this route are outstanding views from the Ridgeline. Dense Aspen forests. Grassy fields and Juniper forests near the end and vast fields of Sagebrush at the higher elevations. It's a beautiful trail well worth exploring. Not the best for camping on, and there is only a minute amount of Verizon cell service near the top.


Rocky, narrow trees and shrubs along the route could cause paint damage. Some rock gardens. Sidewall damage possible.

Technical Rating