King of the Hill

Total Miles


850.25 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This route starts from the Jones Creek Exit off the highway and immediately onto a dirt road. You will end up taking North Fork Wilson River Road, the first half of the route you are driving side by side with the river, not much incline in the first section. The road is dirt/mud in some sections and other parts of Wilson River Road are covered with loose rocks. Be aware that rocks can fall from the cliff side onto the road, I haven't seen it happen but you can see rocks that have obviously fallen down from up top. Once you get split apart from the river you begin to climb, once your climbing the road will turn mostly rocky. With the road getting steep there are tight turns all the way to the top point of the mountain. You will end at a loan peak with an amazing view. Fun trail and a good spot to hang out and get some good pictures at.This is an out-and-back trail.


Once you begin climbing the road gets pretty steep as you gain elevation. There is also some steep, tight turns toward the top of the mountain that can make some people uneasy.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Take highway 6 to the Jones Creek Exit to start the trail.