ENO - NF Road 2676

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ENO or NF Road 2676 connects McKenzie Highway to Santiam Highway and is a relaxing drive down a windy gravel road through the Willamette National Forest. There are scenic lava rocks and a couple of burn areas. Expect to get dusty if it hasn't rained in a while. This route is also a back route to the Little Nash Sno-Park and Santiam Pass Motorized Recreation Area by going East.

Photos of ENO - NF Road 2676

ENO - NF Road 2676
ENO - NF Road 2676
ENO - NF Road 2676


This is an easy drive but you'll encounter minor pot holes that may be 2" deep.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Travelling West on Santiam Highway you can turn left into the Little-Nash Sno-Park. Travelling North on McKenzie Highway turn right onto ENO.

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