Chesley's Challenge

Total Miles


1,742.58 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Expect just about everything except water and mud. There are deep whoops, Silty sand, pumice all over the trail creating a unique riding experience. You will find long straights, curvy section in tight corners in the trees, steep drops and rocky areas and plenty of great views and challenges.

Photos of Chesley's Challenge

Chesley's Challenge
Chesley's Challenge
Chesley's Challenge


This is an OHV trail suited for Dirt bikes and quads. There are a few segments on the trail 85, 78 and 72 that are single track and quads won't make it between the trees.


Chesley's Challenge (This is the description directly from our local maps and founder info.)This challenging 53 mile route commemorates the vision and tenacity of George Chesley who was the Fort rock district ranger responsible for the creation of East Fort Rock in 1993. Like this route, there were many obstacles to overcome and it was not a quick nor easy task to implement the first designated and managed OHV trail system in Central Oregon.Because of his efforts you have trails to ride today. Now it is your responsibility to ensure that you have trails to ride tomorrow.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Dj Osborne
Oct 11, 2023
Dirt Bike

Access Description

My favorite starting point is the 2510 staging area at the north end of the East fort Rock OHV area

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