Shell Rock Road

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253.36 ft


0.75 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This road is mostly rock/shale/gravel Forest Service Road. It is a rough rocky road with deep shoulder drop-offs from 3' to 30' in some areas. There is Shell Rock creek that runs along it. The foliage in the fall makes for an excellent trail. Wildlife is out along this trail. The trail can be run in both directions from north to south. There are several cut-off trails along this loop. There is dispersed camping in the National Forest and be sure to check for trail closures and burn bans for the area with the National Forest services. This trail can be taken in any stock 4x4 with little concern.

Photos of Shell Rock Road

Shell Rock Road
Shell Rock Road
Shell Rock Road


Mostly Shale / Rock / Gravel. Some rocks 3" to 6" in diameter. Watch for sharp rocks to not damage a tire. Shoulder of road drop off varys as creek winds along the road. Some area it is 3' to 30' drop off of the shoulder of road. Road is narrow with a few places to pass oncoming traffic. Some pin stripping possible. Remember to stay on trail and treadlightly.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Thomas Blackwell
May 25, 2024
2022 Nissan Frontier
Nicolas Jordan
Sep 09, 2023
2022 Ford Bronco

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