Wolf Cemetery

Total Miles


318.33 ft


1 Hours

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Trail Overview

The trail will take you up a narrow rocky road. It has everything you want in a trail to test your rig like deep ruts, big rocks, and some off-camber steep hills with some of the most amazing views around. Once you get through the first section of rocks you will head up a very steep off-camber rock crawling area. At the very top, there will be plenty of mud holes to drive in and have fun. You will come out to an old cemetery at the top called "wolf cemetery". As you climb up and around that you will head down a short section of gravel road right down to the second part of the trails. This is where the deep ruts and bottomless mud holes begin. Just be prepared for this one you may get stuck and get trail damage if you are not careful enough on this second section of the trail.


There are lots of rocks and off-camber ruts. There are also some very deep mud holes with really slick clay-like mud.

Technical Rating